What we do

Still trading as SunnyMoney, the goal of Xpreme Solar Solutions is to light up Uganda through innovative distribution modes. We need to bring light to communities in Uganda who are still living in the dark. 

Over 30 million Ugandans do not have access to electricity. Solar electrification is limited by lack of awareness, poor local distribution, and consumer financing. By switching to solar lighting, families can save money on other household necessities, child education, and health.

Did you know that one solar light can last as long as five years? On top of this, all our lights come with a warranty and our excellent team are here to help you every step of your Xpreme Solar Solutions journey.

Whether you’re interested in late-night reading, allowing your children to do their homework with enough light, or improving your health and safety, our market-tested, high-quality solar-charged lights can light up your life.

So, how does it all happen?

School campaign
It all begins with a workshop. At our workshop, we will introduce you to our affordable study solar lamps which are especially designed for use by school children. We will give a sample lamp to each teacher to allow them to gain experience of how the solar lamp works. After that, you can send us an email or contact our dedicated call centre to arrange your order. Finally, we also deliver the solar lamps directly to you, as we know transport can be challenging in rural communities.

If you are a business…
We can sell and distribute our products at affordable prices to agents and shops across the country, just get in touch! We can also help you promote our products through special offers, advertising, social media campaigns, and through our high-quality customer care programme.

If you are an individual…
If you would like to buy one of our products, or, you’re not sure where to start, get in touch with our dedicated customer service team who will be happy to point you in the right direction. We also sell directly to customers from our head office, or from our field offices.

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